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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

How To Create a Profitable Web Site!

Award Winning Web Development Team!

Over 1,500 web sites go up each day and most of them will fail to achieve even half of the goals they were created for! The primary reason for this failure is poor planning. Web sites are tools either for marketing, sales or operations, possibly all three. To effectively reach that goal you need proper plaInternet Marketing Web Sitesnning.

We will determine exactly how your company should approach a web project. A poor site reflects badly on your business and your company image. If you put up a poor site it may be worse then not having a site at all!

We will do a detailed up front analysis of your business and your marketing efforts to determine how your company should use a web site and Internet marketing to promote or expand your business. We will define your exact needs and design a site that reflects your company in its best light.  It will be tailored to your customers needs and will be a symbol of pride for your company.  More importantly it will be an effective, well thought out web site that will advance your business goals. We can develop:

  • Marketing Sites
  • e-Commerce Sites
  • Database Driven Sites
  • Intranet Sites

We were really impressed with your ability to listen to our needs, even when we weren't entirely sure what they were, and translate that into an incredible Internet marketing strategy and web site!

- Greg Conyers, Hitch Buddy, Inc.

We will show you how your site can become a profit center for your business and be designed around your business goals and objectives. We will interview your customers, staff, and you to determine how to approach your unique design and function for your web site.

Building Internet Marketing Web SitesA web site has many design elements from color and layout to usability. A site that is poorly laid out will frustrate potential customers and may actually drive them to your competitors. Let us design an effective color palette and architecture for your site today.

Once we have created the design elements for the site we will focus on the content of the site. The content is a critical component and one that is often overlooked. We offer a full web site copywriting service to develop well written, organized, and effective copy for each page of your site.

We wanted a comprehensive, interactive and user-friendly website that would allow us to promote our businesses, as well as provide a vehicle for the business community to interact with G-2000, Inc. We started with just a few basic ideas and Michael Temple took it many steps further!

- Matthew Robison, G-2000, Inc.

After the site is designed well with effective copy we will work with you to develop traffic to the site with one of our Internet marketing services. In addition, we will develop an E-Metrics program to measure the effectiveness of your site from traffic generated to conversion rates on the site. Our web sites are complete marketing solutions for your business.

We have years of experience in the web development industry which includes working with some of the large dot com companies in the late 90s as well as a variety of small and medium sized businesses. We utilize a creative network of programmers, designers and others to create a world class web site.

Our company is pleased with our new web site and it has certainly enhanced our firm's marketing and sales efforts.

- Nancy Caswell, Gorillas & Gazelles, LLC

We have a unique approach to web development, rather then start with the technology that is available, which is what most web developers do, we start with the marketing. We have a 6 step approach to designing an effective web site for your business. Our site blends in and augments your current marketing strategy and efforts and becomes a profit producer instead of a profit drain or an expense for your company.

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