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Web Site Portfolio

Below are the links to some of the web sites we have designed. Sites are designed with the audience they serve in mind and proof of its effectiveness is in the measurements created at the beginning of a project. If you would like to discuss a web design project please contact us today.

Fiddle Stix Boutique


The site is a full eCommerce platform that has a custom built shopping cart, content management system and other marketing functions custom built to the client's specifications. In addition, the site is fully responsive for all devices.

Brady, Coyle & Schmidt


The site was created to promote a medium sized law practice that offers a diverse amount of legal expertise.  The main purpose of the site is to demonstrate the diversity of professional services offered and the background of each of the attorneys. The web site is fully responsive and will adjust from a typical monitor down to a mobile phone.

Calverly HVAC


This site was created both to promote the business and products they offer, but also serve as a small eCommerce hub for the company to capture back revenue lost by customers purchasing maintenance products elsewhere. The site is fully responsive, including all the content such as videos as well as the entire eCommerce component. The site will size from desktop to a mobile phone.

Palmer Energy


This site is not responsive, but includes a full brand new branding layout. It quickly provides information paths from the home page for all of their key target markets as well links to all of the energy programs they offer.

Carruth Studio


The audience for this web site is primarily people interested in gardening, art, and whimsical garden decoration.  The purpose of the site is eCommerce.  The site is designed to sell the exclusive art work of American artist George Carruth.  The Carruth Studio currently carries 300 unique designs by George Carruth with sales all over the country and some overseas sales.  It was also designed with a powerful back end design that allows Carruth to create and manage their own products, promotions, and wholesale clients as well as provide a variety of reports to assist them in managing their growth.

Quality Care Products

Audience & Purpose

The audience for this web site are hospitals, primary care physicians, and independent pharmacies.  The purpose of the site is to display the capabilities of QCP and generate leads for the sales force to follow up with.

Featured in the 2009 International Addy Award Program

Menu Care

Audience & Purpose

This site was designed to promote and market a new franchise for retail health a retail health service provider named Menu Care with multiple locations around the county.  It was designed to show potential customers where the closest location was to them, promote online memberships, outline services available, and provide information to potential investors interested in owning a franchise of their own.


Audience & Purpose

The audience is primarily consumers shopping for higher end bath and kitchen fixtures and faucets.  A smaller secondary audience is contractors for bath and kitchen construction or remodeling jobs.  The purpose of the site is to showcase the vast choice and selection of Waterhouse and demonstrate its expertise in helping consumers purchase the right products.  In addition, they wanted to showcase their unique showroom, which is the only one like it within a 150 mile radius.

The sales force used to spend a considerable amount of time educating consumers with a low closing ratio on the first visit.  Consumers are now encouraged to visit the site and get useful information that will move them farther along in the sales cycle before visiting the showroom.  The goal is to raise the close ratio of the first time visitor to the showroom.

Gorillas & Gazelles, LLC 

International Award Winning Web Site! (Summit EMA 2007)

Audience & Purpose

The audience are companies in need of HR and strategic consulting services.  Some of these services include taking proprietary assessments online.  This site is an example of a powerful database driven web site.  All of the assessments and scoring methodology are built online.  Clients are able to pay and enroll to take these online assessments and have them scored and based on the score placed into one of several possible categories. 

Information regarding the individual's category is automatically presented to them in the form of online documents.  In addition, the entire system has a powerful back-end administration piece that allows G&G to review the results of assessments and manage client profiles.  The entire site is built on .NET and a Microsoft SQL database to insure security and smooth operation under heavy traffic loads.

Lawn Creations

Audience & Purpose

This site was designed to offer information on the company's lawn care services, but also demonstrate their incredible landscaping skill by offering up a full portfolio of work they were were capable of performing for clients.  The audience would be consumers with nice homes and looking for a way to enhance the lawn or landscape. Home values range from very high end homes to middle class homes. The site is designed with direct response actions in mind.

Katz Collision

Audience & Purpose

This site was designed to help individuals that had been involved in an accident and needed auto body repair services information on their rights regarding auto insurance, information on Katz's work, and to display Katz's experience and technical expertise.

If you would like to see some of our other work please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to provide you with additional sites we have developed or worked on for you.


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