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SEO CopywriterDid you know that the average visitor to your web site will spend less then 30 seconds on your site before clicking off to another site never to be seen again? The second a prospect lands on your site the clock starts ticking! Keeping a visitor engaged on your site long enough for them to find out about your company or service is a huge challenge.

Many companies think fancy graphics, flashy presentations and other “techie” tricks will keep people engaged on your site, but unfortunately research has proven several times over this simply isn’t true.

People come to a web site for one reason and one reason only…information. That information may lead to a sale on your site or it may yield a lead for your sales force, but only if you can get the attention of the visitor and get them to take action!

Purpose of Copy

In short the copy (text) on your site must immediately grab their attention and compel them to read what is actually on the page. As they read the page they will either find what they are looking for and keep reading and ultimately take action or they will leave. If you are really lucky you may find a visitor who is determined and they will click on a few other links before leaving.

Web site material has become very important as part of an effective campaign. I am so glad you were there when I needed you.

- M. Scott Ramey

However the harsh truth is that most visitors will probably leave and not feel compelled to do anything. That means all the money, time and effort you put into marketing to get a person to your web site is lost.

If you want to get the attention of the visitor you need to write effective copy for each and every one of your web pages. Anything less then perfect copy will cost you customers and sales. In addition, well written copy is a key to helping your site score higher in the search engines. If you want a site that ranks better than your competitor, then you need better copy.

Experienced Solution

Michael Temple can help you write attention grabbing and compelling copy for every page that will get a reader engaged from the moment they land on your site until they take action. Using the principles in direct marketing Michael will insure that you convert more visitors into customers.

When you combine the web site with fantastic copy we really have a world class web site.

- Greg Conyers, Hitch Buddy, Inc.

He has years of experience and cutting edge information on search engine optimization. He can help you write copy that not only appeals to your visitors, but helps your web site score higher in the search engines.

Take Action Now

Remember it doesn’t matter how flashy or beautiful your designer makes your site; if you can’t get the attention of the visitor and get them to read what you have to say you will lose them to a site or competitor that does.

If your web site is failing to achieve the results you want then you need to call Michael today! Call today to find out how Michael can help your web site achieve better results today!


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