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The Virtual Non-Profit™

How the 21st Century Non-Profit Competes in a Digital World

Today’s non-profit organizations face stiff competition from other non-profits.  You are always competing for a donor’s dollars and attention.  In addition, you find your resources being reduced from a variety of factors.  To survive in this environment you must learn how to create the digital non-profit agency.  This seminar is designed specifically for non-profit organizations and will show them how to utilize the Internet to raise more money with less effort and resources, communicate more effectively with their audience, and provide value to members and donors that simply wasn’t available before the Internet. Book It!

Spinning Gold Online Copywriting Secrets™

How to Write Sharp Sales and Marketing Web Content

It is a struggle to bring new people to your web site, but it is even worse to do all the work to bring them to the site and then lose them because your content stinks!  Stop losing sales and leads because your copywriting doesn’t work.  This workshop will show you how to write sharp, powerful copy that will convert more visitors into sales and leads.  Content is what creates Internet, but not all content is created equal.  Participants will learn techniques and strategies to make sure their content is a cut above their competitors. Book It!

The Digital NLP Advantage™

How To Create Instant Rapport with Your Web Site Visitors

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is dynamic area of study that helps people create compelling and engaging communication and rapport with others (among many other great things).  In recent years NLP experts have been applying the principles of NLP to sales and marketing to achieve better bonding and rapport with prospects and clients.  NLP is based on the principle that if you use the right channel and language of communication with prospects that you will create better relationships faster. 

This program will show you how to instantly bond with your web site visitors and create stronger rapport with them even when you are not meeting them face to face.  It will help you boost your conversion of prospects to customers and create stronger one to one loyalty with each customer.  You will walk away with a solid foundation in the principles of NLP and actual information on how to apply the principles to your Internet marketing strategy. Book It!

The Profit Centered Web Site™

Discover The Hidden Profit Centers in Your Web Site Today

Have you ever viewed your web site as a constant drain of profits or a cost you would like to avoid like a virus?  If so then you need this program.  The program will show you several hidden and useful profit centers in your web site.  It will give you the information to implement these profit centers and help you gain more value from your existing web site or Internet marketing investments.  You will gain the tools you need to instruct your webmaster or marketing department on exactly how to turn your site into a profit center and methods to increase that profit over time. Book It!

High Return Email Marketing™

How To Create an Explosive Return on Your Email Marketing Campaigns

There is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon between SPAM (the obnoxious stuff that fills our inboxes) and permission-based email marketing.  In this program you will learn how to build a profitable and permission-based email marketing program for your organization.  The program will teach you how to develop a prospect list, create a campaign and measure your results.  You will learn about the tools, tips and tricks that create profitable email marketing campaigns and keeps you on the right side of the anti-spam law.  Once you complete this program you will have everything you need to create your own profitable email marketing campaign or the information to give to your marketing managers. Book It!

Customized Program

All of the above programs can be customized to a specific industry or business.  In addition, each of them can be customized into various time frames and formats.  Finally, each program can have focus placed on specific sections to address your exact need and business problem.

If you don’t feel any of the listed programs can be customized enough for your specific needs, then Michael can write a completely unique and fully customized program for your organization or industry.  This program would be developed using Michael’s areas of expertise, but would be totally unique to your organization. 

It can include customized work books, tools, products, and of course material.  The materials could be branded with your company logos and include specific case studies and material unique to your company or group.  These types of programs typically include specific company data, case studies, products or services, working processes, and other things making them a completely custom fit to your organization.  Contact Michael today to discuss your fully customized program needs.

All of these programs are available in key note, half day, full day, or panel discussion format. If you are interested in any of these great programs or would like to discuss a customized program for your company, association or organization please call today!

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