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Technical Writer - Michael Temple

Technical Writing Services

Technical Writer - Michael Temple

A technical writer is a unique blend of writer and technician. Not all writers are capable of following technical processes or writing about them. On the flip side a technical computer programmer may know a program inside and out, but are they the best person to communicate with the people who will be using the program?

Think about your end users, are they technical programmers or engineers that would be used to reading manuals and documents from other like minded individuals? Or are your end users busy business people or individuals who want a clear, easy to follow instruction manual or directions? If your users are the later then having your software programmers write the manuals is a huge mistake that could be costing you a lot of money.

Software developers and companies are notorious for writing help documents, training material, and other documentation that is above the technical understanding of the audience that will be using the software, which ultimately makes the material useless. As a result people who read these manuals don’t always get the information they seek and become frustrated.

Benefits of Effective Technical Writing:

  • Lower technical support costs
  • Creating better experiences for the people using your products
  • Potential profit center for your books and manuals
  • Decrease wasted time for your audience

Michael can work with your software development team to document your software or technical procedure. Next, he will evaluate the audience who will use the materials and write concise, clear and easy to understand materials that communicates exactly what users need.

Technical Writing Services Offered:

  • Software documentation
  • Customized software training materials
  • Software processes or procedure documentation

Michael Temple has a background in both information systems and writing. The combination of these backgrounds allows him to write clear, logical and easy to read documentation on a variety technical topics.

For years Michael developed detailed software training manuals that were targeted to the needs of the audience who didn’t have the technical background to read detailed “techie” writing. These were individuals that were busy, driven and focused. They needed concise, easy to find and read materials that answered their questions.

Contact Michael today about your next technical writing project to see how he can help you write better materials.


Please Note: Michael doesn’t provide writing services for engineering, scientific, or mathematical applications at this time if you need help in these areas please send an email to him for referrals of writers who serve this specific need.


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