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How To Get More Traffic From Search Engines

Internet Marketing - Search Engine Marketing - SEO - OptimizationMost web sites will not even appear in the first 50 results from a search engine! If you average 10 results per page that means your web site doesn't show up anywhere in the first 5 pages of a search engine list of results. When was the last time you looked past the first 10 results for something let alone the first 50!

Search engine visibility and marketing is very difficult to do well all the time because essentially the rules keep changing. Just when you have figured out how to score better in one search engine or another they change the rules and you are back at the bottom. Staying on top is a constant effort and challenge.

With Michael's expertise and guidance, our search engine ratings have started to climb since our site went live in March 2007.

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It becomes more complicated because the techniques that will get you back on top are secret and can only be figured out by trial and error. It takes an expert with time, money and resources to keep up on top of all the latest techniques and strategies. Now the important question...

Whose time, money and resources do you want to learn on? Yours or Michael's...

Michael helps companies everyday do better in search engines with both organic and non-organic methods designed to make their site and promotions more visible and to show up in more results. His strategies involve several steps and constant refinement.

In addition, Michael doesn't think just any traffic is the answer either. Many so called search engine marketers assume any traffic is good traffic. He doesn't. Michael believes you need a steady stream of interested and qualified visitors coming to your site.

He constantly reads and studies the latest techniques and strategies as well as refining the ones he knows work well. His strategies are not always perfect, but over time using his tools and methods will get you better results.

If you are tired of doing searches on your own site and not being able to find your web site with a search party or you want to move from result 367 to the top 10 call Michael today.


P.S. If you call today Michael will send you his free report "21 Ways to Promote Your Web Site "


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