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Public Relations Writing Services

Public Relations, Copywriting, Internet MarketingJournalists are increasingly overworked and have thousands of pieces of news and potential stories coming at them everyday. It is not uncommon for a journalist to get hundreds of press releases, emails, and calls in a single day! With such a strain for their attention it becomes very difficult for companies and organizations to get their material into news circulation.

Unfortunately not having your stories and material out in the public is costing you tons of money every day in lost opportunities and sales. Free publicity can yield a watershed event to your sales and marketing efforts for your organization. People are much more likely to be swayed by news stories, editorials, and other pieces they consider news that came from a third party news outlet.  If you want to gain these advantages then you need a public relations writer.

Good public relations writing and well placed stories will help you...

  • Build credibility

  • Establish your expertise in the market

  • Gain the trust of your target market faster

  • Creating "buzz" about your product, company, or services

  • Free coverage of your business that carries much more weight than traditional advertising

Michael Temple can help you, with experience as a public relations manager for a fast moving dot com company he often had to pitch stories and write snappy press releases that got attention. He learned what journalists want in a news release and how to increase the chances the story is picked up.

He can help you achieve the effective writing your company needs to get publicity. He offers a number of writing services for corporate communications and public relations projects including…

  • Press releases

  • Media kits

  • Speech writing

  • Event scripting

  • Interview preparation materials for radio and TV

  • Trade articles

  • Blogger Campaigns

  • Letters to the editor

  • Newsletters

If you need the next press release, great speech or article to boost your company’s sales then call Michael today! Michael’s writing skills will help you communicate your story and message with clarity and effectiveness.

Call today because your story needs to be told!


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