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Michael Temple of Temple Development Company
Wins 2008 20 under 40 award

Sylvania, Ohio – September 29, 2008 – Michael Temple of Temple Development Company, LLC was among the 20 winners of the 20 Under 40 Award announced on September 25th, 2008 at an award ceremony.  The 20 Under 40 contest is designed to recognize dynamic leaders that have distinguished themselves in their career and community.  Each year 20 individuals under the age of 40 are chosen from hundreds of nominations and awarded this distinct honor.  The past and current list of winners is a virtual list who’s who of current and future community and business leaders.

The contest selects an outside panel of judges that are generally company CEOs, officials, and community leaders.  The judges review applications from hundreds of candidates looking for excellence in the areas of career, community involvement, awards and recognitions received, and excellence in leadership.  From the hundreds of nominations the list is eventually reduced to 20 winners.  “I am very honored to have been chosen to stand with such accomplished men and women that showcase the talented leaders we have in this area.” said Michael Temple, President of Temple Development Company.   

About Temple Development Company and Michael Temple

Temple Development Company is a management and marketing consulting company specializing in interactive technologies and Internet strategy development for companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Temple is the Director of Temple Development Company, LLC and a marketing and e-Business consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and writer.  He works with businesses to develop online marketing and business strategies.  In addition, he is an adjunct faculty at Lourdes College, a private college teaching Internet marketing and advertising.

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