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Michael Temple of Temple Development Company Wins 2008 20 Under 40 Award

Temple Development Company Takes Top International Emerging Media Award -- 2007 Summit EMA

Squeeze Page hurts sales and profits


Temple Development Company Launches New International eCommerce Site

Temple Development Company is proud to launch the newest site from its design studio for celebrated American artist George Carruth.  Carruth sculptures are avidly collected by garden and art lovers from around the world and even overseas. George's art features whimiscal nature designs that make is art sought after by collectors and loved by many.  The web site was designed to sell his art to an international audience while giving Carruth Studio a vast array of tools to they could use to promote their pieces and control their own web site updates. You can view the web site here.

Michael Temple of Temple Development Company Wins 2008 20 under 40 award

Michael Temple of Temple Development Company, LLC was among the 20 winners of the 20 Under 40 Award announced on September 25th, 2008 at an award ceremony.  The 20 Under 40 contest is designed to recognize dynamic leaders that have distinguished themselves in their career and community.  Each year 20 individuals under the age of 40 are chosen from hundreds of nominations and awarded this distinct honor.  The past and current list of winners is a virtual list who’s who of current and future community and business leaders.

The contest selects an outside panel of judges that are generally company CEOs, officials, and community leaders.  The judges review applications from hundreds of candidates looking for excellence in the areas of career, community involvement, awards and recognitions received, and excellence in leadership.  From the hundreds of nominations the list is eventually reduced to 20 winners. Full Press Release

Temple Development Company Takes Top International Emerging Media Award -- 2007 Summit EMA

2007 Summit EMA AwardTemple Development Company is an award winner in the 2007 Summit Emerging Media Award (Summit EMA) competition for their marketing and development work with Gorillas & Gazelles.  “We are very pleased to be recognized among the top marketing and development firms in the world with the receipt of this award” said Michael Temple, President of Temple Development Company.  “There are so many talented developers out there that we are happy to be included among them, but we couldn’t have done it without our talented team and a fantastic client” added Mr. Temple. Full Press Release



Michael Temple will be speaking to the National Association of College Stores about Internet Marketing and eCommerce

Retail stores are going through dramatic shifts in our economy with the advent of eCommerce.  This is occuring even more rapidly in the college store market where each year more and more Internet savvy students arrive at colleges and universities across the country.  These students expect to find ever increasing Internet capabilities from both their schools and the bookstores.  Michael will be presenting a program to show these store owners how to position themselves for their target market and leverage the Internet to provide better access to the store's products and services.

Michael Temple establishes unique entrepreneur venture program for a local High school business tech program

Learning how to start and run a business is one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences a person can have.  Michael worked with a local high school business program and set up a program where the business tech students would draft business and marketing plans and present their plans to their peers who served as "venture capitalist" that would evaluate the plans and award the best plans real seed money to start and run the business.  The program was an amazing success with 5 student run companies receiving funding. Michael raised the capital for the project through a regional economic development agency and designed the entire program.  The students will be working with local business leaders including Michael Temple to now run their newly founded companies.  The story recently received a very positive write up in a local newspaper.  To read the full story click here.


Michael Temple publishes a position paper on the negative results of using the infamous "squeeze page".

There are many web site owners that have been taught that using a super powered pop up box that offers a free report or newsletter if you sign the list is gaining ground in use.  However Michael believes using such a device can actually hurt your sales and profits for your web business and outlines a better way to build sales and trust with your visitors.  He outlines this in his free position report.

Michael Temple recently presented to a state association of Mortgage Brokers about using the Internet for more effective lead generation.

Mortgage brokers like others struggle to obtain more qualified leads all the time.  Michael used some of his Internet marketing techniques and strategies to show them how they could develop more and better leads using carefully targeted web sites and traffic generation strategies.  What is more important is that he showed them how each of them could do this for specific niche markets to gain more credibility as well as leads without competing as much with each other. 

Michael Temple just finished writing and publishing a position paper on how Flash hurts your sales and Internet marketing strategy.

If you are one of the countless web sites that has all kinds of Flash elements on your site from ads to animated headers or has an entire site built out of Flash then you need to read this position paper.  It could mean the difference between a web site that makes you money and one that costs you money.  Get the FREE paper here.

Michael Temple will be speaking to International Window Covering Exchange Association

On September 19th, 2006 in Chicago Michael will be be speaking on the topics of Internet marketing, web site enhancements, developing traffic to your web site and reporting.

Michael Temple Completes Project for Penn National...

Michael recently completed an Internet marketing project for Penn National, which is a large gaming and entertainment company with properties and gaming interests all over the U.S.  His project will help both marketing and operations for one of Penn National's properties.

Temple Development Company provides writing services for B2B white papers...

Many companies spend time writing white papers and most of those documents are never read by the prospects.  In fact, most of them are casually tossed without a second glance. We can help your company change the trend and create a dynamite white paper that will have prospects talking and buying from you.  Click here to learn more.

Temple Development Company to Release Virtual GoldMine Training...

Many people have been seeking training materials to help them with the GoldMine software program. Temple Development Company is currently developing a training CD for this product to fill the demand. It will be the first one like it in the market.

Temple Development Company to Develop Proprietary Study of Web Site Usability...

Temple Development Company is in the process of creating a proprietary and syndicated study on how a site's usability affects the response rates of people navigating and using direct response web sites such as lead generation and eCommerce sites. This information could revolutionize the way direct response sites are designed and built in the future.


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