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How Business and Marketing Plans can Boost Sales and Profits!

Internet Marketing - Business - Marketing PlansSometimes what separates the weak business from the strong one is staying focused on core competencies, more effective marketing, attracting investors and capital investment for growth, and fully understanding the power of written goals and plans.

The number of new businesses that fail is staggering and the number of existing small and medium businesses that can’t effectively grow or have stagnated is stunning.  Without a well written and researched marketing or business plan you will never be as effective as you could be.  Business planning helps your management team and you stay focused on the activities that produce the best returns and success on both expenditures and revenue generation.

Many businesses want to grow, but don’t have the capital to do it.  Investors and banks are willing to lend, but not without a proven track record and a plan that clearly shows the investor his/her investment in your business will be worth it.  You need a business and marketing plan to succeed.  We can develop the right plan for your needs.

Internet Marketing Plans

Just because a business is online won’t make it an instant success.  Businesses online have all the same issues as other companies.  Getting prospects to visit, buy, and come back again.  Business operations are different for online businesses, but no less complex than offline companies.  We have years of Internet marketing and business planning experience.  We can draft a business and marketing plan for your online endeavor that will show you:

  • Which markets to target and how to reach them
  • How to structure your web site for maximum impact
  • Loyalty programs for the all important repeat business
  • Implementing the right technology that will achieve maximum return on investment

We have written several Internet marketing plans for businesses in a variety of industries.  We know what a plan should look like and how to structure it to help you hit your goals, raise investment capital, and reap the success that can come from online business.

Marketing Plans

Too many businesses throw money away each year through poor planning of marketing expenditures.  They throw money at the wrong activities; have inconsistent delivery, poor message, wrong markets, and many other mistakes that could be avoided with simple planning.  Our marketing plans will:

  • Focus your company on the right market(s)
  • Develop effective messaging that raises awareness, creates more leads, and sales
  • Deliver a consistent message that is heard and remembered
  • Build a brand that creates more dollars per sale and gets customers to return

A well written marketing plan will change the way you market your business and keep you from wasting money on the wrong marketing or message.  Successful and rapidly growing companies that create wealth for their shareholders, employees and management know how to create and follow an effective marketing plan.  We will create that plan for your business.

Business Plans

If you need to raise capital or move a business to the next level you need to know where to expend energy and how to avoid pitfalls.  Too many businesses have “activity” but most of it is wasted energy and low priority and high time commitment activities that don’t create growing or sustainable profits.  We can change that.  Our business plans show:

  • How to select the right combination of services or products to maximize profits
  • Learn which activities and projects create the best return on investment
  • How to raise more investment capital or financing to grow the business
  • What the actual company goals are and realistic plans to reach them

Knowing the what, where, why, and how that produces the highest profits should not be a guess, but all too often it is.  A poor plan is not worth the paper it is written on and no plans are two ways to insure a fast demise to your company.  We have helped companies turn themselves around and raise capital for growth.  We help businesses create the plans that make mediocre companies into growth companies.

If you are trying to grow your business, get financing, or turn a failing enterprise around we can help.  A combination of our business and marketing plans combined with measurable and value based management and marketing consulting services will help you create a stronger, faster, and more successful company.

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