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Discover How Effective Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales!

Powerful, Persuasive CopywritingGood sales copy is the bedrock on which all of your advertising, web site, and sales literature is based. Sales copy has one purpose: to sell more products or services at higher prices, period. Creating ads, web sites, or sales literature that have beautiful graphics, clever word plays, puns, or are amusing won’t sell anything if it doesn’t get the reader’s attention and get them to take action!

A good copywriter is a sales person first and a writer second. A copywriter’s job is to communicate with your audience and show them how they will come out ahead by doing business with your company. Your marketing pieces deserve the absolute best writing possible so call Michael today to see how his audience driven "sales first" approach will make your pieces more effective.

Writing Services

  • Brochures
  • Sales letters
  • Direct mail packages
  • Post cards
  • Leave behind pieces and packages
  • Product/service information packages
  • Display ads
  • Direct response ads
  • White papers and other "bait" pieces
  • Flyers
  • Email Marketing messages and customized landing pages.

Challenge of Copywriting

Writing effective copy can be a real challenge. Your sales message is only one of hundreds of messages a prospect will see in a given day. An average magazine or newspaper has tons of display ads and hundreds of classified ads.

The average consumer or business person receives hundreds of pieces of direct mail and advertisements per year. A recent statistic said that almost 1,500 new web sites go up every day on the Internet. With all these messages hitting your prospects and customers every day getting your piece of marketing noticed is a real challenge. It is obvious the difference between successful ads, web sites, and sales literature are the ones that have well written copy that sells.

Effective Approach and Results

He will work closely with your marketing and sales team to understand your customers and your products or services. Michael will help your team figure out the unique selling proposition, the message they want to convey, and if this message is appropriate for your prospects and customers.

With this knowledge Michael will write attention grabbing headlines that immediately get your ad, sales letter, or web site read and acted upon. His copy will carefully guide the prospect through a carefully crafted message that generates the desire necessary to get the prospect to take action.

Experienced Copywriter

Michael has been writing effective copy that sells for many years. He has experience in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, petroleum, and technology industries. Michael's past experience includes sales, direct marketing, public relations, business development, advertising, and management. He knows a lot of the tricks of the trade that can help you get a higher response rate on your marketing.  Michael also teaches advertising and copywriting at a private 4 year college in Sylvania Ohio and also offers seminars and workshops on marketing, copywriting, and Internet Marketing.


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