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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

Get More Interested & Qualified Prospects Today!

The life blood of any good sales force is interested and qualified prospects constantly entering the sales funnel. Unfortunately for many sales reps generating these prospects is the part of the sales job they hate. Many reps would rather spend their time selling to existing accounts. The sales or marketing manager that allows their sales force to do this will never achieve explosive growth. The sales force will be mediocre at best.

The secret to better prospecting is...

Finding new, innovative, and creative approaches to make prospects aware of your offerings and taking action to contact you and start the sales process.  The high value prospects are the ones that are both interested and qualified.  Having someone who is interested, but not qualified or vice versa will not do you any good. Michael has a variety of solutions to help you...

Solutions For More Prospects:

Strategic Intervention:

A problem many companies have is that they are too close to a problem and have too many internal obstacles, politics, and a host of other problems that keep them from effectively diagnosing it or achieving a certain objective. 

Using an outside expert with a fresh view and no internal baggage can make observations and see problems your internal people never will.  Michael can work out measurable, outcome based approaches to solving your marketing, sales, and Internet marketing problems.  Using a variety of methods, research, and strategies he can get at the root of a problem and implement value based solutions including many of the ones listed below. More

Direct Response Web Sites:

Having a web site that does more then occupy space on the Internet is a cornerstone in your prospecting process. Michael's web sites pull better and produce more interested and qualified prospects. If you need a site he can build it right the first time around. If you have an existing web site he can make make it perform better. More

Copywriting Services:

Michael can help you develop strong, concise, and persuasive copy on your brochures, web site, sales letters, proposals, bait pieces, email marketing, direct mail, and other literature to insure that prospects understand your message, read it, and most importantly act on it! More

Training, Education, or Inspiration:

If you have great talent in house, but don't believe they are producing the best possible results, then they may need some training. Michael provides a series of content rich, entertaining, and hands on learning seminars and workshops that will give your employees or association members the tools, techniques, inspiration, and strategies to perform at an entirely new level. More

Internet Marketing Strategies:

Michael can create a series of strategies and services to drive more traffic to your web site, more leads to your sales force, and close more sales than you are right now. His strategies are specific, proven, and measurable for their effectiveness to your bottom line. More

Email Marketing:

Would you like to send out a marketing campaign with the push of the button that your customers and prospects not only want to receive, but will also read? Michael can help you develop an effective, well written, and highly responsive email marketing campaign that isn't SPAM and actually achieves results for a fraction of the cost of a direct mail campaign. More

If you need improvements today then stop wasting time and efforts with stop gap or mediocre solutions. Call Michael to give you the tools, strategies, and training to get and stay on top of your game!



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