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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

How Internet Marketing Strategy Can Increase Your Profitability!

Michael Temple: Internet Marketing, SEO, Consulting, Email MarketingIn the last 5 years a series of revolutionary changes in technology has increased the fantastic returns that a company can achieve by using effective Internet communication and marketing strategies. Unfortunately many companies fall far short of creating an effective communications strategy that grows their business.

To create an effective strategy you need more than just a web site. You need to combine a series of tactics and strategies that are intertwined and leverage the strength of each other.  When your strategies and tactics are combined and used correctly you create a unique synergy that is difficult to beat.   You need the power of three key things...

  • Quality traffic to your site
  • Engagement and action from visitors
  • Methods of tracking and retaining these prospects and customers for future growth.

Your expertise has helped us develop more traffic to our site, increase the response rates and make a greater impact on our overall marketing efforts.

- Greg Conyers, Hitch Buddy, Inc.

Here is a sampling of Internet marketing services Michael offers...

  • Web Site Evaluation: He uses a combination of technical tools, focus groups, marketing research and his experience to decide how effective your current site and strategy is. Get more from your web presence today.

  • Search Engine Marketing: He can apply both organic methods such as improving your natural ratings in search engines as well as non-organic methods such as pay to click and more conventional advertising to increase traffic to your site.

  • Web Content Development: One of the reasons people spend so much time on the Internet is because of the content they find on their favorite sites.  Unfortunately too many sites are nothing more than a brochure on the web.  People don't watch TV to see commercials, drive down the road to read billboards or surf the Internet to read ads.  Simply put, your site must offer superior content and value to draw visitors and keep them on your site.

  • Traffic Generation: Michael can help you develop a customized marketing and communications plan that will increase the amount of interested and qualified prospects your site receives.  Traffic generation is one of the points of the triangle that creates an effective web presence.

  • Boosting Conversion Rates: If your site doesn’t consistently create more sales and leads then you need to evaluate your site and strategy. Michael uses a combination of web metrics, copywriting, direct marketing strategies, and tools to boost your conversion rates.

  • Internet Marketing Seminars and Workshops: If your employees or association members need Internet marketing tools, strategies, and knowledge to boost performance then consider a content rich and entertaining seminar or workshop.

  • Pay per Click Advertising: He can help you figure out where to advertise online and how profitable that advertising is for your business. Michael can also help you develop the individual ads or create an entire ad campaign.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing can be a fantastic tool to communicate with your customers and prospects, generate "buzz" about your products and services, boost traffic and sales to your web site, and increase your profitability of your web strategies...if you do it correctly.

  • E-Metrics: Michael will benchmark your strategies and put tools in place that will help you measure your success using meaningful data. Effective measurement must measure visibility, visitor actions, and conversion data to be effective.  Michael can help you create the right metrics and set meaningful goals and benchmarks.

  • Loyalty Programs: Michael can develop programs that increase sales from your existing customers and keep them coming back. His programs will increase the lifetime value of each customer and make each new customer even more valuable.

We started with just a few basic ideas and Michael Temple took it many steps further! Always looking for ways to improve the site, Temple Development is very creative and always comes through in a timely manner.

- Matthew Robison, G-2000, Inc.

By combining these services and strategies in a myriad of ways Michael can help you and your company achieve higher sales and better results from your Internet marketing strategy. Call him today to find out more.


Michael has been working in the Internet marketing and technology industry for over a decade.  He writes articles on Internet marketing for various publications and also publishes position papers.  He is an adjunct professor at a private four year college teaching Internet marketing and advertising as well as working as an independent Internet marketing consultant.

P.S. He will give you a one of our best free reports “The Internet Marketing Trinity Strategy ” just for calling.  This report focuses on the three key strategies proven to boost your Internet marketing effectiveness.  Its yours free just for calling.


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