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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

Discover How To Sell More Through Email Marketing

Internet Marketing - Email Marketing

Everyday hundreds of thousands of emails criss cross the globe in a dynamic web of communication. Of the emails designed to help sell more products and services less then 1% will be successful!

Is yours one of the 99% that are never even delivered or read by your prospects?

If you are a lucky enough to have your prospect actually read your email will it be in the 99% that are deleted or the 1% that is acted on.

Michael's strategies and techniques with email marketing will increase your sales and profits by boosting response rates and convert more visitors to customers. In addition, he can implment strategies to boost your loyalty of existing customers with e-loyalty programs. Michael's campaigns are designed to be fully measurable to calculate the exact benefit to your bottom line. If you want to learn more call him today.

Becaue of poor email marketing practices around the world new laws have been created that can be very costly to your company if you violate them. Michael's email marketing is permission based and will keep you on the right side of the law.

His services include...

  • List Development: With an effective list you will get more prospects and customers reading your email and get a better response rate, more sales and better profits.  A good list will also lower your cost per lead, which can have a huge impact on overall marketing budget.

  • Copywriting: He will provide effective writing for your email and landing pages that will get readers attention and keep them reading and better yet taking action on your messages.  The copywriting is designed to boost conversion of visitors from prospects to customers.

  • Campaign Management: He will help you plan and execute an entire email marketing campaign with full reports showing how effective the campaign is and how much money it generated to your bottom line.

If you are looking for an experienced consultant to help you set up and execute profitable email marketing campaigns then you need to call Michael Temple today!

Are you looking for tools to do your own email marketing and enewsletters? Michael has one of the best tools in the industry!  Michael offers Constant Contact, which has received numerous awards for most innovative software and many others.  If you want to try it Michael has an offer for you...

Constant Contact


Planning Kit

Free Report: 10 Steps to a Winning Communications Strategy

If you want to learn how email marketing can help you develop more interested and qualified prospects, increase your sales and build your bottom line then you need to call today!

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P.S. If you call today Michael will give you a copy of his report "Killer Email Marketing" for free!

P.P.S. If you are interested in seminars or work shops for your business on how to create and manage email marketing campaigns that get results then click here to learn more!


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