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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant


Online Growth Strategies

For companies to not only survive, but thrive and build wealth for its owners, investors, and community it must achieve profitable growth strategies. One of the great frontiers in company growth is with a dynamic and vibrant online presence. Unfortunately too many companies that undertake an Internet initiative fail to achieve their growth goals or cannot sustain ongoing growth. Competing online is often a tough game to play. Competitors both big and small can appear overnight. Technology can change that gives competitors an advantage in the blink of an eye. Multi-channel marketing strategies can anger suppliers, the sales force, and even customers.

Michael Temple works with you to create an integrated online growth strategy that leverages your company strengths instead of working against them and keeps you ahead of the next wave of competitors and technological changes.

Internet Marketing Performance Improvements

For an online strategy to be truly effective it must operate at peak efficiency. Your performance must stay ahead of competitors and work as an integrated strategy with your company marketing, sales, customer service, management, and operations.

The strategy he employs to keep your online strategy on the leading edge can involve developing increased visibility, boosting conversions, improving site architecture, focusing efforts on tighter goals, company organization, or establishing a strong e-metrics program. Whatever strategy he employs will be designed to squeeze all inefficiencies out of your operation and keep it on a path of incredible and profitable performance.

Online Revenue Enhancement

Michael's capabilities in revenue enhancement for online projects including sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and site effectiveness position him to find ways to increase revenues across your entire online strategy. He is able to deliver fast and effective results.

He does a detailed analysis of your current strategy and operation to find strategies and methods within your existing infrastructure to boost revenues. For example, his strategy could include creating stronger conversions on the site or developing longer lifetime value through loyalty and customer service efforts. He can assure you his strategy will be unique and customized to your company, resources, and situation.

CRM Integration Services

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has created quantum leaps for many companies. Unfortunately far too many CRM initiatives fail because of botched implementations. Problems can occur in management, sales, customer service or in a myriad of other departments. The issues that cause CRM initiatives to fail can be very complex and can involve both operational and political problems.

Michael Temple was an early entrant into the CRM industry and has several successful implementations with both large and small companies. The problems and obstacles for each project are unique and most companies are too close to the situation to resolve all the issues. He can help you select the right product and document the processes, information, and improvements that will be necessary to make your implementation a success.  Click here to see his full range of CRM services.

Company Organization Strategies

In a rapidly changing and complex online world having the proper company organization for your online channel is what will allow you to change and adapt quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately far too many companies don’t consider how company organization impacts its online initiatives. The online strategies get placed in the wrong departments with inadequate resources to be successful. The problems can be political or operational and often very complex.

Michael will evaluate your current company operational structure and look at how that structure interacts, supports, and utilizes your online resources. He will create organizational and resource changes that will integrate your online strategy into the fabric of your organization and allow it to achieve incredible growth.

E-Metrics Development

In the digital landscape the resources available to measure your progress are not always obvious. To complicate the situation many of the tools used to measure online strategies and effectiveness were not designed or intended to create the information necessary for profitable growth. In addition, information presented can often create conflicting reports or even mask problems.

Michael will work with your entire company to focus on the right measurements and how to gather that information. He will review your existing resources and information to develop metrics that give you the right picture of what is happening in your online channel and how that impacts the rest of your company. Without the proper measurements and information in place your organization will always be acting and working under false assumptions and incorrect information. In such a fast moving world you can’t afford to lose the advantage. He creates metrics that will give and keep your advantage.

Internet Advertising Services

Internet based advertising is producing billions of dollars of new sales for companies all over the world. Unfortunately, done incorrectly Internet based advertising can waste billions of dollars as well. Estimates cited in the New York Times have pegged pay to click fraud as high as 15-20% of your advertising budget, which means you could be wasting up to 20% of your advertising dollars.

The loss due to fraud doesn’t even include the amount of money you are potentially losing because of poorly written ads and landing pages or poorly chosen key words. In addition, you might be losing money because of weak conversions by failing to convert clicks to sales.

We have years of experience developing Internet advertising campaigns and improving failing or underperforming campaigns. We can improve the amount of qualified and interested prospects that click on ads as well as boosting conversions of those that have responded to an ad. We offer a full portfolio of Internet based advertising services:

  • Pay to Click – Design & Execution of Advertising Campaigns
  • Copywriting – Pay to Click Ads & Landing Pages
  • Adobe Flash – Design and Development of Interactive Flash Based Ads

Loyalty Programs

Any experienced marketing or sales professional will tell you that it is always easier to get repeat sales and business from existing customers than it is to convert a new prospect into a customer. Unfortunately far too many web sites do a very poor job at getting repeat business and extending the lifetime value of new customers. This failure represents a vast shortcoming in your ability to grow online profits.

Utilizing a combination of strategies including CRM, Database Mining, Up Selling, Cross Selling, Customer Profiling, Email Marketing, and other strategies we can help you:

  • Increase repeat business
  • Extend the lifetime value of customers
  • Increase average dollar amount of orders
  • Shorten time between re-orders
  • Gain customer referrals from existing customers

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