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Michael Temple
Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant
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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

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Michael Temple's Bio

Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant

Internet Marketing SpeakerMichael Temple is a consultant, speaker, and author in Internet marketing and direct marketing. Unlike many speakers that no longer work in the field they speak on Michael still manages and implements Internet marketing projects on a daily basis for a variety of clients in many different industries.  In such a fast moving industry you must constantly be practicing what you preach to be an effective speaker and consultant.

Michael has been working in both the technology and marketing fields since 1997 and has worked with clients such as Dana Corporation, Associate Credit Cards, Paramount Healthcare and Shell. His industry experience includes work in the petroleum, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, banking, law, accounting, higher education, retail and technology sectors just to name a few.

Entrepreneur with Proven Experience

He has been working in Internet marketing, public relations, business development, direct marketing and the CRM industry for over a decade and has worked in a diverse amount of roles including vice president of business development for an international technology company, eBusiness director, project manager, director of public relations and marketing director. In addition, Michael has developed successful entrepreneurial ventures both on and off the web and knows the challenges that all entrepreneurs face everyday.

Michael is the president and managing director of Temple Development Company, which is an Internet marketing, management consulting and development company with a diverse client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. He actively implements or directs Internet marketing projects on a daily basis.  The Internet is always changing and evolving and so is Michael's experience and skills. 

Michael also serves on a diverse amount of boards and non-profit organizations for international relations, economic development and technology by donating time, money and resources in the areas of marketing, web development and Internet marketing.

Professor and Author

Michael is an adjunct professor at Lourdes College, a private four year college in Sylvania, Ohio, teaching Internet marketing and advertising. He develops current curriculum, course materials, and real world case studies in marketing and Internet marketing for his courses and students.

He has written articles and columns for various trade and news publications around the country on the topics of Internet marketing, CRM, and direct marketing. He is currently writing a book on Internet marketing and developing products to help provide more knowledge about boosting marketing and sales performance both on and off the web.

Broad Educational Background

Michael has an MBA with concentrations in marketing and information systems and holds a dual bachelor’s degree in both economics and finance. He aggressively studies trends in all his fields and is both an American and world history student. Finally, Michael holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was an Olympic hopeful in 1988 for martial arts for the summer games in Seoul.

Using his vast knowledge on Internet marketing and business as well as passions for history, diving and martial arts he delivers engaging, entertaining, and content rich seminars and speeches by weaving information, inspiring stories and appropriate humor together to create an unforgettable presentation. Call him today to see how he can help your company, organization or association.


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