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When It Comes To Link Building, Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

If there’s one thing most internet marketing practitioners preach to website owners – its substance over style. Everybody wants to have a pretty website, and too many people think pretty is the answer to make their site more effective as a business tool.

Site design is certainly important, and it does play a role in how a customer interacts with a website. However, there is something more important than quality design – quality link building. Link building is the process of increasing the amount of external websites that point back to your website, and too often this process and its effect on creating search engine rankings that last is overlooked.

Search engine results are compiled in a similar fashion to popularity contests like Homecoming Queen. Essentially, the more relevant a webpage is for a search term, the more links that webpage will have pointing to it.

There are millions and millions of links pointing to different webpages across the internet, so how can the search engines tell what pages are the most relevant? The text that is visible and clickable for a hyperlink, commonly known as anchor text, sets links apart from one another. Anchor texted links also have the greatest influence on search engine rankings.

Webpages and sites that garner the greatest amount of relevant, high quality, anchor text links typically receive the best search engine rankings. That said, if you really want to rank your website at the top of the search engines for a specific term, it is very important that you acquire many one way links to your site.

Two of the most effective methods for acquiring high quality links come from creating contextual links and from a process known as cherry picking.

Contextual link buildinginvolves alerting blogs and other authoritative websites in your industry to services and content on your website. Links that are created contextually generally include relevant anchor text – a critical element of link building to improve search engine rankings.

While search engine results are commonly ranked by sites with the highest amount of incoming links, cherry picking links can lead websites to greatly improve search rankings with a lower amount of links. If cherry picking links is done properly, a great analogy for cherry picking is the Electoral College. Similar to the way a presidential candidate can win an election if he takes the right combination of states, cherry picking links from the right websites can quickly lead to high search engine rankings. If your website can acquire the right links, it will rank ahead of your competition.

Quality link building is not easy. However, quality links are necessary to maintain search engine rankings over a long period of time. Sometimes, getting as few as ten links from the right websites can be more beneficial than getting 1500 from a wide variety of websites. Take the time to fully grasp the concepts of contextual link building and cherry picking links, and your site will be on the right path to earning quality search engine rankings without the need for a high volume of links.
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