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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant
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How Internet Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

By: Michael Temple

I have talked to a number of business owners who say they would like to increase their sales, but they don’t know how. If you are like many businesses you will decide to do some cold calling, send out another mailing, or run some ads in the newspaper or on the radio. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However many times it is simply a guess which technique will bring in some new prospects. Does this scenario describe your marketing and sales efforts?

Sales and marketing initiatives require several elements to be successful. Here are 4 key ingredients to any effective sales and marketing system:

  1. Prospects: All sales and marketing systems require that you constantly feed it qualified and interested prospects. The key words here are qualified and interested. If a prospect is interested but doesn’t have the ability to buy your product they are not a prospect. If they have the money, but don’t have the interest they aren’t a good prospect either.

  2. Effective Message: Your sales and marketing efforts must deliver a message to your prospects that speaks directly to their problems, needs, and concerns. You must fully understand your audience so that when you deliver a message it compels them to act right now.

  3. Consistency: If you have a lot of prospects and deliver great messages, but don’t do it consistently then your system will fail. Prospects are bombarded by marketing messages from all angles every day. They get them from your competitors and non-competitors alike. The only way to insure your message gets acted on is by getting in front of your audience consistently.

  4. Measurable: All sales and marketing efforts need to be measurable, period. If you can’t measure a campaign’s success or a sales system’s success then it is a failure. You should be able to consistently know which media produces good leads and which ones don’t. You should know exactly how long your sales cycle to obtain a new client is. Having records of your marketing stats will give you the information to constantly improve and refine your message, audience, proper media, and steps in your sales cycle.

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Internet Marketing Consultant - Speaker - Author: Spinning The Web Into Gold