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Michael Temple
Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant
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Michael Temple: Internet Marketing Speaker - Author - Consultant


What We Do

For over a decade we have been helping businesses use Internet marketing technologies and strategies to profitably grow. We create Internet marketing strategies to generate qualified and interested prospects. We take new and existing prospects and customers and help you manage them better to achieve higher sales growth, gain a larger share of customer, increase the loyalty of existing customers and increase the profit per customer.

We create effective marketing strategies through the use of copywriting, Internet marketing, email marketing, CRM implementations, database marketing, developing new unique selling propositions, direct mail campaigns, loyalty building programs, education, training and development.

Who We Are

Temple Development Company, LLC is an international Internet marketing and management consulting company that creates successful Internet marketing strategies for companies and organizations. The company is owned and directed by Michael Temple who provides consulting and utilizes a creative network of partners and contractors to develop solutions to complex problems. We have three factors driving our success…

  • Holistic Approaches: Unlike other technology or consulting companies our innovation comes from analyzing the entire marketing system.  We counsel businesses and senior management on where and how to apply our strategies to work in tandem with your other marketing efforts for maximum benefit and return.

  • Innovative Approaches: In the digital world of Internet marketing information, strategies, and techniques change rapidly. We are constantly learning, studying, and testing current approaches and strategies to insure that our clients always get the very best information and strategies. We keep what works and discard the rest.

  • Measurability: We believe our efforts should show up clearly and distinctly on your bottom line and on your profit and loss statement. Our strategies are highly measurable for their exact impact on your company.

Where We Came From

Temple Development Company was founded by Michael Temple. During his early career Michael worked with a variety of technology companies including a dot com start up. During this period of his career he had a chance to work with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies as well as many of the technology companies that were making the headlines and had stock soaring into the stratosphere. He saw that while companies were out touting all this amazing technology and receiving billions in venture capital, they were forgetting that in business nothing happens until somebody buys something.

Michael realized everyone was throwing piles of money at all these companies because they wanted to find the next Microsoft. Investors didn’t realize or ignored the fact that Microsoft’s wealth didn’t come because of the technology alone, but rather how it helped business and people become more effective, efficient and profitable. He realized this was the piece of the puzzle everyone was missing and founded his own firm to blend technology, business principles, and effective marketing to make companies more profitable. It has been a winning model ever since.


Internet Marketing - Speaker - Author - Consultant: Spinning The Web Into Gold